The Nebraska Legislature took a bold step in 2007 to replace conflicts over school district boundaries with innovation. State senators called for the Learning Community to become a visionary resource to challenge the achievement gap in the Omaha metro area.

Promise to proof 

Today the Learning Community and its partners share a focused mission to develop research-based programs and practices to improve outcomes for children and families in poverty. Independent evaluations show Learning Community programs demonstrate significant and growing impact. See our timeline below. 



August 2015
Family Learning program expands with classes for up to 60 families at Gateway Elementary and up to 30 families at Educare near Indian Hill Elementary.

Superintendents’ Early Childhood Plan full-implementation sites open.


October 2014
The first Family Learning satellite program in South Omaha launches with 15 families at Educare near Indian Hill Elementary.

November 2014
In year three, independent program evaluations by UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute show all programs providing positive and significant impact.

- Family Learning program in South Omaha maintains positive impact even as program scales up to double in size.

- First early childhood evaluations in North Omaha establish positive benchmarks for Early Childhood Partnership success.

- Preschoolers make significant gains in school readiness and vocabulary, indicating new instructional team model has strong potential.

December 2014
Metropolitan Community College and Creighton University start first clinical education classes for future early childhood and elementary school teachers in the new Learning Community Center of North Omaha.

January 2015
Learning Community Center of North Omaha opens with a focus on early childhood education and family engagement.

February 2015
Learning Community Center of North Omaha launches pilot programming for Parent University for current and future families involved in early childhood and preschool classes.


October 2013
Learning Community Center of South Omaha expands in the former South Omaha public library. Enrollment doubles in the new center.

November 2013
Year two independent evaluations by UNMC/Munroe Meyer Institute confirm major program milestones:

- Targeted elementary programs now demonstrate consistent and positive impact, and parents exceed expectations in first-year Family Learning program.

- Learning Community training for community childcare providers begins in North Omaha.

- Coordinating Council unanimously supports the Superintendents’ Early Childhood Plan and funds first year from reserves.

- Coordinating Council hires first Family Engagement director and plans Parent University program in North Omaha.

May 2013
Nebraska Legislature unanimously approves LB 585, mandating a half-cent increase to fund the Superintendents' Early Childhood Plan.

July 2014
Learning Community establishes Early Childhood Partnership in North Omaha to transform elementary learning in high poverty neighborhoods. Metropolitan Community College, Educare and Omaha Public Schools join and pool resources for greater impact.

Learning Community superintendents unanimously support emerging programs and the primary focus of the Learning Community mission. Their report to the Nebraska Legislature Education Committee includes broad agreement that the educational needs of children in poverty require greater resources.


October 2012
New online application process makes Open Enrollment more accessible.

November 2012
Students in elementary programs make significant gains. Independent evaluations confirm positive impact.

July 2013
Learning Community Coordinating Council adopts a new mission focused on educational programs and practices to help children and families in poverty.

August 2013
Early Childhood Partnership launches in North Omaha with eight preschool classrooms. Partners plan a birth to age 8 model to help families and children succeed in school.


October 2011
Learning Community launches new Open Enrollment website.

November 2011
North Omaha community needs assessment completed.

February 2012
Learning Community reviewed early childhood plan and directed staff to work with partners for timeline

April 2012
Learning Community Center of South Omaha opens in temporary space for Latino families.


October 2010
New Open Enrollment process launches.

January 2011
Funding for future elementary programs narrows with rigorous impact measures and shared standards.

April 2011
New Family Liaison program in high-poverty elementary schools offers short-term support for children in academic danger.

August 2011
South Omaha community needs assessment completed.


August 2009
Learning Community holds community forums.

July 2010
Learning Community launches first pilot programs


January 2009
Coordinating Council takes office and builds organizational structure.

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