Our Vision

That all children within the Learning Community achieve academic success without regard to social or economic circumstance.

Our Mission

Together with school districts and community organizations as partners, we demonstrate, share and implement more effective practices to measurably improve educational outcomes for children and families in poverty.

Key Learning Community Priorities

  • We actively support and refine innovative elementary programs to increase student achievement. Our portfolio of focused programs are constantly improving with strong and independent expert evaluation.
  • We advocate for the needs of children from families in poverty using measurable data and evaluation results to communicate better educational strategies to improve student outcomes.
  • We facilitate and promote Open Enrollment as an option for parents to provide better educational opportunities for their children. The Learning Community ensures students from families in poverty have equal access to this educational opportunity.

EDvantage Blog

Learn why early childhood education is critical for families and children in poverty. It's the latest from Learning Community CEO Ted Stilwill. READ

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Our School Districts

With 11 member school districts, we really can "share our learning."