Latino families love reading together in English

December 18, 2015

Gateway Elementary families near end of 1,000 book reading contest

(OMAHA) – Imagine reading a story to your child in English for the very first time. Parents taking Learning Community Center of South Omaha classes at Gateway Elementary are on track to achieve their goal of reading 1,000 books to their children by the end of 2015.

Since classes began September 23, parents have already read more than 650 children’s books to their kids. Parents practice reading during class and then take books home to read with their kids. The goal of Family Learning classes is to help parents help their children succeed in elementary school. As parents gain English skills through classroom learning and reading at home, they build confidence in their ability to communicate with teachers and help their children with homework. As one parent said: “Last night, I [practiced] vowels with my son. I could really help him. It was a good thing.”

The parent classes in Gateway Elementary are a first in the Omaha metro area. The school staff is working with the Learning Community Center of South Omaha team to adapt the successful program for a school community.

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