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Finding the right fit for your child is important. Start exploring Learning Community schools, visit their school district web page and schedule a school tour.


Important note for families

If your child qualified for free transportation through Open Enrollment before September 5, 2013, there should be no changes as long your child continues to attend a school within the same school district. However, new limits on transportation may apply to siblings accepted after September 5, 2013. Please contact your Open Enrollment coordinator if you have a specific question about your family.


If you are considering a school for the first time, you may need to know how far it is from your home. Calculate the distance by clicking on a school district and school below.

If you are open enrolling for the first time and wondering if your child might qualify for free transportation, these are the main factors considered:

  • If your child lives more than a mile away from the school; and
  • If your child qualifies for a free or reduced price lunch; and
  • If your child open enrolls to a district that shares a common border with the district in which you live (see listing of districts and common borders); or
  • If your child attends a magnet or focus school.

Click on your district below and select the school that you are interested in to calculate the distance from your home.

Need help?

Every school district has an Open Enrollment Coordinator to help you. Find contact information here.

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