Sharing What Works 

Demonstration programs expand and adapt

Investing in children and families

Our priority programs demonstrate new and proven ways to ensure children get the education they deserve, regardless of household income or family circumstance. 

Targeted and accountable 

What makes programs supported by the Learning Community different? Program partners embrace shared goals to achieve the best results possible.

Partner Expectations

  • Targeted programs to challenge poverty 

  • Committed to continuous improvements

  • Guided by rigorous evaluations 


Tax Dollars by Program  

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Learning Community Center of North Omaha/Early Childhood Partnership

The new center is home to intensive early childhood education and family engagement programs. We're all working together with the people who care most about kids -- families, childcare providers and teaching teams.  Our early childhood clinical sites are a training area for future teachers headed into urban classrooms. See how the North Omaha community plays an important role in demonstrating proven answers for families and children challenged by poverty. MORE


Learning Community Center of South Omaha/Family Learning

Family Learning helps parents connect with their child’s teachers and local schools. Our program includes English for Parents, Family Learning, Navigator Coaching and support for Families in Crisis. Our Family Learning model is now adapting for a school community environment with classes in one of Nebraska's largest elementary schools.  MORE


Superintendents' Early Childhood Plan

With leadership from Buffett Early Childhood Institute, the Omaha metro area is on its way to a research-based early childhood education model. This plan is expected to help children and families across the metro overcome the challenges that come with poverty. The Superintendents' Early Childhood Plan is now in its second year with positive benefits for all 11 school districts. MORE


Pilot Programs

Jump Start to Kindergarten
Children in poverty often start school years behind their peers. In successful Jump Start to Kindergarten classes, pre-kindergarten students can make substantial gains. Teachers work on important early learning concepts like numbers, letters and colors. The most innovative programs involve parents and include home visits.

Instructional Coaching
Instructional coaches train teachers to be more effective. With coaching support, teachers gain new resources and strategies to help students improve their academic skills. The goal is increasing the number of students who are proficient in reading, writing and math.

Extended Learning
Extended Learning programs give much-needed extra help to students at the greatest risk for academic failure. Options may include summer and after-school programs, tutoring and programs away from school. MORE

Our Results

The Learning Community is making a difference in student achievement. See a summary of our programs and results.

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