Learning Community South

A White House Bright Spot for Excellence in Hispanic Education                                                                                                                


313 Families
404 children (ages 0-8)
81-84% Poverty 

Family Learning is a two-generation approach that "helps parents help their children". This best practice program builds on family strength to insure that children succeed in school.

OUTCOMES: Third-party and independent evaluation provided by the University of Nebraska Medical Center/Munroe-Meyer Institute

PARTNER: OneWorld Community Health Centers


When parents outperform expectations, their children do too! These scores illustrate the power of two-generation strategies to improve school success.

NeSA Reading Proficiency

WHAT IT MEASURES: Academic achievement


Parents gained the skills needed to navigate the school system and talk with teachers.


The majority of families succeeded. Research shows family stability makes a significant difference in a child's success in school.