Superintendents' Plan

School districts unite to elevate early childhood learning

Superintendents' Early Childhood Plan

It's a first in Nebraska and a pioneering venture in the world of early childhood education. Eleven school districts in the Learning Community are all working together to build a better system of early learning in the Omaha metro area. This comprehensive approach, from birth to grade three, is built around the children in our community who have the greatest educational needs. 

Learning Community superintendents understand that more children across the Omaha metro are growing up in areas of concentrated poverty. With a more systematic response to insure healthy child development, we'll see more children succeed in school and life. Buffett Early Childhood Institute leads plan development and implementation. 

There is no formula for helping 11 school districts work together, but the science of brain development tells educators what children need. You can be sure the roadmap for the Superintendents' Plan comes from a strong and established body of proven research. Our shared goal is to improve lives and reduce the achievement gap by increasing opportunities to learn. 

How it works

The elementary school is the hub for all early childhood outreach. The first 12 school sites to implement the plan have the same important features:

Home visiting program

The plan builds a partnership with families of children from birth to age 3. The home visiting program supports learning and connects families to a community support network. Helping families means home and school can be great places to learn.

Intensive preschool 

Children from lower-income homes sometimes experience higher levels of family stress and insecurity. Teachers work with 3- and 4-year-old children to promote powerful learning, strong language and social skills.Teaching teams also learn how important it is to appreciate a child's native language and culture.


Preschool through grade three aligned

For children to get the benefits of what they learn, they need consistency. That's why aligning curriculum and teaching teams from preschool through grade three is so important.


Dr. Samuel J. Meisels, Ed.D.
Buffett Early Childhood Institute
Executive Director
Dr. Samuel J. Meisels is a leading advocate of early learning and Buffett Institute founding director.

Chris Maxwell, Ph.D.
Buffett Early Childhood Institute
Director of Program Development
Chris Maxwell leads program implementation with an emphasis on quality and consistency.

Key roles

  • Superintendents - encourages district staff participation at all levels
  • Buffett Early Childhood Institute - leads plan development, implementation and evaluation
  • Learning Community - supports and funds with revenues from the Elementary Tax Levy
  • School Sites - implementation includes family and community outreach and feedback to support continuous plan improvement

Every school district learns

The early learning curve across the Learning Community is steep and broad-based. Professional development opportunities bring all 11 school districts together to explore facets of a child's cognitive and social development.  

The plan builds the foundation for early learning in training sessions that are open and welcoming. Teachers, caregivers and childcare providers learn new strategies along with principals, administrators and interested staff. Seven school districts are also participating in customized early childhood training and planning.

Council Meeting

You're always welcome at council meetings held at the Learning Community Center of North Omaha. Our next meeting is Thursday January 18th.  CALENDAR

Early Childhood Research

Browse through helpful early childhood research for a better understanding of why it matters so much for children in poverty. MORE

Meet the Council

Every school district is part of a Learning Community subcouncil. Find your representative here.

Our School Districts

With 11 member school districts, we really can "share our learning."