Let’s Work Together to End Injustice


The Learning Community mission is focused on better opportunities and outcomes within our schools, homes and communities.

Our work in partnership with children and families addresses systemic injustice and inequities on a daily basis. The members of the

Learning Community Coordinating Council encourage everyone to work together for positive changes to strengthen our communities.



June 19, 2020


The Learning Community recognizes how systemic injustice has deeply impacted our communities of color. The call for action

brings new opportunity to end the inequities which impact our communities. Real change is long overdue.


Our hope is that the events of 2020 have opened more hearts and minds to the fact that a child’s education directly intersects

with institutional racism and access to affordable healthcare, housing and a living wage.


The Learning Community is a unique entity where people, of all identities, and transformative policy connect. Let’s work together

with our partners to activate our mission more broadly.


It is hard work to be a catalyst for lasting reform, but it is worth it.