Educare Center of Omaha: Evaluation Report
December 01, 2013
This is a foundational report for Learning Community programs. It explores the impact of a quality early learning environment. Educare of Omaha is a valued advisor and partner in early childhood clinical education sites.

Report prepared by: Lisa St. Clair, Ed.D. and Megan Borer, M.S; 2012-2013

The Educare Model: Educare of Omaha is part of a larger, national network of Educare Centers. The Educare Model is described below by this network,

Educare is different than other early child care programs in that it gives students in poverty the best chance for success in school and in life by advocating for and providing the highest quality care and education from birth to age five. Students and families from low-income homes often face unique barriers in developing foundations for success and Educare’s program model is specifically designed to help at-risk students and their families overcome such barriers. The goal is that students receive the services they need to arrive at kindergarten ready to learn and do not start so far behind their more economically advantaged peers.

Early language and literacy skills, along with social-emotional-behavioral skills, lay the groundwork for academic success in students. Those two skills, along with self-confidence, a sense of curiosity, impulse control, empathy, the ability to engage with other students and teachers, hopefulness, and the ability to prevent and resist social pressure and violence are necessary for a child to have a good experience in school and must be developed in students.

Educare is informed by research from a variety of relevant disciplines, including but not limited to, early childhood education, health, developmental psychology, and social work and encompasses ongoing evaluation in order to assess the quality of classroom environments and to evaluate students’ progress.

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