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Learning Community South

Parent Engagement in Education

After participating in Learning Community classes, South Omaha parents feel more comfortable
helping their children with school work. They also build relationships with teachers and get
involved in their local schools.

WHY THIS MATTERS: Parent engagement is closely linked to better student behavior, higher achievement and better social skills.

“Now it is like,what a relief, I can talk to the teacher and do not always need an interpreter.”

Learning Community Centers

Supporting Child Confidence

The relationship between parent and child supports early childhood development. Families in our community centers focus on positive relationships with their children.

WHY THIS MATTERS:How parents and children interact influences the child’s level of self-confidence.

Parents in Learning Community Centers
made the greatest growth in
supporting child confidence.

Workforce Ready

Parents in our community centers requested workforce readiness classes.Read more about our approach in our Community Report.

WHY THIS MATTERS: Research shows children are more likey to do well in school when their families are financially stable.

  • Customer Service
  • Natl Career Readiness
  • Work Ethics Proficiency
  • Basic Computer Skills