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Early Learning & Workforce Development

Childcare Training Improves Teaching

Most childcare directors in our North Omaha pilot program had little access to training in early childhood education, until now. They’re excited by the opportunity to work with coaches one-on-one. By modeling best practices, an individual director can positively impact hundreds of children.


Directors learn how quality teaching in their community-based centers support a child’s healthy development and readiness for school. Early outcomes show personal coaching and monthly group workshops motivate small teams. Evaluators see large gains in positive practices that really matter for young children.

Why Early Learning Matters

Why does quality care matter so much during a child’s first five years of life? We know the early years are a critical time of rapid brain development. Positive interactions with caring adults help children develop the social and emotional skills for learning. Our Family Resource center invites directors to make learning active and fun. Books. learning kits, staff resources – it’s all here so community providers can create stimulating learning environments.


The free training motivates directors to move their small businesses to higher levels of early childhood quality, one step at a time. They’re so inspired to make a difference, directors voluntarily join the statewide initiative for quality childcare. Interested in the process? Visit Step Up to Quality to find out more.

Opportunities Lead to Outcomes

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Childcare Teacher _sm_0222

In BET Childcare Center, Director Tanja Mitchell teaches by doing. She shows her team how to model positive behaviors and help children learn to get along with others.

In monthly workshops, directors learn new ways to work with children. It isn’t easy but the directors count on their own coach to help them put new practices in place.

The BET staff loves working with children. With daily mentoring from their director, team members become more confident in their teaching skills to help children be ready for school.