In Partnership with Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative

Early Learning & Workforce Development

Childcare Centers Welcome Coaches

Young children in community-based childcare centers need high quality care to be truly ready for school. This pilot program in North Omaha responds to the critical gap in affordable staff training. The partnership provides childcare directors with their own coach and monthly training sessions. These directors are excited to become staff role models for best practices in early learning. In the first year, EVERY childcare director voluntarily joined Step Up to Quality, the statewide initiative for quality childcare.

Why Early Learning Matters

Why does quality care matter so much during a child’s first five years of life? We know the early years are a critical time of rapid brain development. Positive interactions with caring adults help children develop the social and emotional skills for learning. Our Family Resource center invites directors to make learning active and fun. Books. learning kits, staff resources – it’s all here so community providers can create stimulating learning environments.

Sharing What Works

Coaching Directors to Coach Staff

Roles for Readiness

Community center directors have the potential to impact hundreds of children. That’s why we’ve built a pilot program around them. It’s good for children and supports more successful local businesses. The director-coach relationship is the stepping stone to new practices which help every child love learning.

Tanja Mitchell, BET Childcare Center

Childcare Director Tanja Mitchell teaches positive behaviors so that children learn how to get along with others. Mitchell’s BET Childcare Center serves very young children through grade school. She shows her staff that helping children with behavior issues is an important skill.

Aiesha Rahn, Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative

Aiesha Rahn is a coach with the Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative. She shows childcare center directors how to model best practice skills to promote early learning. The result is a staff team with a better understanding of how to help young children prepare for success in school.

Tanja & Aisha_sm_0182

Aushion Turnbo, Childcare Provider

Childcare Teacher _sm_0222

Aushion loves working with children. With daily mentoring from Tanja, she learns new ways to work with children and be a powerful model. As directors empower staff confidence and skills, positive impact grows for the entire team.