It’s a family language

We’ve taken basic ESL instruction and customized our classes for parents with young children. Instructors work closely with families in year-round classes that meet two to three times a week.

In a matter of months, parents gain confidence to communicate with teachers and build reading and learning routines at home.   It doesn’t take long before parents feel more comfortable playing an active role in their child’s education

Most of our families now make regular trips to the public library and enjoy family-friendly events all over Omaha.

Parent Outcomes

Parents make amazing progress in just two to three years. Most start out speaking just a few phrases of basic English.

Within two to three years, they’re speaking advanced level English. What does that mean? It means they can go about life independently, participate in most conversations and become involved in their local school. Regular communication with their child’s teacher and helping children with homework is now a comfortable part of family life.

The Martinez Ortega family reads together often. That’s a benefit of Family Learning that improves academics and relationships.
Parents become more comfortable helping children with homework and talking with teachers.