Family Learning Goes to School

Gateway is the first elementary school in the Omaha metro to offer an in-school Family Learning program for parents.

The immigrant families with children attending Gateway are typical of local school communities in the where 50 percent or more speak little or no English. Many are unfamiliar with how our school systems work. Classes here help parents get connected right away and learn the English skills they need to talk with teachers. While parents are in class, child learning specialists involve preschoolers in activities to build important skills for school success.

Reading for All

Gateway Elementary Principal Terry Rubin shares the school’s family-friendly collection of bilingual materials. The school lends out books for every reading level.

“I see them as leaders who send a positive message to get involved.”

Connected to Classrooms

When Gateway children learned history for Nebraska 150, parents did too. Connecting parent and student classes means the sharing continues at home.