Jamalia L. Parker

Jamalia Parker leads the development of Family Engagement programs, including Parent University, in the Learning Community Center of North Omaha. Jamalia is leading the way toward a collaborative community network model to help children and families succeed in education. She is a master’s level social worker (MSW) and completing her doctorate in Educational Leadership at Creighton University.

Career Highlights
Jamalia’s 20-year career blends academia and social service expertise. As the director of quality improvement for Lutheran Family Services, Jamalia supervised program and agency initiatives statewide. She played a key role in the first family support program offered by the Learning Community. Today, that innovative model is integrated into our North and South Omaha community centers. Uta Halee Girls Village and the University of Nebraska at Omaha are among the many community organizations that have benefitted from Jamalia’s knowledge of best practices.

Community Leadership: Eastern Nebraska Community Action Partnership (ENCAP) Board of Directors, North Omaha Community Care Council, and Empowerment Network Advisory Board.