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Moving Forward as Partners in Education

Moving forward as partners in education. That’s how dreams come true for parents and children in Parent University. KMTV 3 News Now takes you to the Learning Community Center of North Omaha where lives have changed.

Celebrate a 2-Gen Graduation

Children and parents in the Learning Community Center of South Omaha finally celebrate their 2-Gen graduation. KMTV 3 News Now shares a much-awaited night under the lights from Collin Field.    

Let’s Make Learning Parent-Friendly

When learning is parent-friendly, the entire family benefits. Learning Community CEO Dr. Bradley Ekwerekwu asks a question with community-wide impact.

2020: A Year for Learning Together.

2020 turned out to be a year for learning together.  Like a true Learning Community, we discovered new and different ways to make learning work. To our partners, supporters and families, we wish you Happy Holidays!

Workforce Partnership for a Liveable Wage.

This workforce partnership gives parents opportunities for a  liveable wage. When Parent University families requested training, the Learning Community and Metropolitan Community College worked together. The result? KETV takes you to classes with benefits for two-generations.

Parent University Reaches Out

Parent University reaches out to more families in northeast Omaha. Thanks to a new Learning Community partnership with Project Harmony, the program is growing. KMTV3 News Now shows you why that’s good news for children and families.

A Virtual Learning Partnership.

It takes a partnership to make virtual learning really work. During this pandemic, Learning Community teams are even more connected to parents who have so many roles to juggle.  We’re partners with a common goal – children ready for school.

2-Gen Community Center Camp.

The Learning Community Center of South Omaha summer camp is a 2-Gen experience. KETV Newswatch7 shares a unique opportunity for children and parents to learn together.

Learning Community Graduation Day.

The Learning Community Center South graduation day becomes a mobile celebration for preschoolers and families. KETV Newswatch7 is there when the “Happy Bus” pulls up.

Community Center Graduation Goes Mobile.

  The Learning Community South Center preschool graduation goes mobile due to COVID19. KMTV 3News Now shares a 2-Gen celebration for children and families.  

Community Center 2-Gen Graduation

Learning Community Center of South Omaha celebrates a 2-Gen graduation in partnership with OneWorld Community Health Centers. When COVID19 kept families at home, the team rolled out our first-ever mobile graduation.

Family Support Team.

A family support team really makes a difference! During this pandemic, Parent University is going all out for our community center families. We’re working together so learning at home really works.

Keep Families Strong.

Sudden conditions, like COVID19, create real problems for children and families. What’s the answer? In the Learning Community, families aren’t alone. In fact, they can count on our Learning Community Foundation and supporters. We’re all working together to keep families strong!

ReadyRosie Engages Families.

ReadyRosie engages Parent University families together. As a result of this web-based tool, early learning is a lot more fun.

Helping Children Focus.

Executive Function is a big term. Did you know a simple exercise can help a child focus?

Play the Memory Game for Executive Function.

The memory game helps children build executive function skills. UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute shows Learning Community partners how the memory game plays into early learning.

Understanding Outcomes.

The Learning Community goes on a “Data Walk” to look at what really matters in learning.

Getting Ahead.

KETV shows you how Parent University supports families. When parents learn new skills, children thrive.

2-Gen Partnerships for Families.

The Learning Community believes in 2-Gen partnerships. Why? When parents and children learn together, everybody wins.

Why Invest in Teaching Teams?

Because they’re worth it. See how partnership classroom work for kids.

A Great Start for Future Teachers.

Real-world experience makes success more likely for early childhood teachers.

Let’s Challenge the Opportunity Gap.

We’re here to challenge the opportunity gap by working with children, families and teachers. As you will see, it’s working!

A New Story for Omaha Parents.

Passing success from one generation to the next makes our communities stronger.

We’re Doing Something Different Here.

See the power of partnership in every child’s life when caring adults work together.

Succeeding Together.

Better opportunities for children and families mean better outcomes for everyone.