Family Learning

In partnership with OneWorld Community Health Centers

Helping Parents Help Their Children

The waiting list for our Family Learning program in South Omaha never goes away. Parents are in classes up to seven hours a week with a teaching team that understands how important it is for families to communicate with teachers and be connected to their local schools.

Reducing the Achievement Gap

See what our 2-Gen program is all about and check out the results we see every day. Children and families are succeeding together!

Our Programs

1,232 Children and Families


English for Parents

Parents join our classes to make sure their children get the best education possible. From day one, they build the essential skills that every parent needs.


Community Connected

The Omaha metro area offers endless opportunities for children and families to enjoy. Thanks to great community partners, classes and workshops open new doors for the entire family.


Educational Navigators

Our team of educational navigators support families as they work through challenges.

It’s all about trust!


Gateway Elementary

Gateway is the first elementary school in the Omaha metro area to host a Family Learning program. The result is powerful for children, families and the entire school community.

A New Story for Omaha Parents