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Clinical Training for Classroom Success

The end goal of the Future Teacher Training program is a growing pipeline of great teachers. And where are new teachers needed most?  In more urban school districts, where the range of student needs demands highly-skilled, flexible teachers.

Prepared for Urban Classrooms

In our community center, equipped with advanced technology, textbook theory comes alive. Robotic cameras connect our college classrooms to Educare Omaha.  Even better, students observe best practices in real-world classrooms on a regular basis. Over time, these future teachers develop an understanding of what goes into quality early childhood education.

A Positive Career Start

Our schools reflect the growing diversity in the Omaha metropolitan area. That’s why MCC faculty focus on more multi-cultural experiences for students. The latest research says that’s critical for children and teachers.  Essentially, teachers are more likely to stay in the profession if their early classroom experiences are positive. In recent graduate surveys, most first-time teachers report feeling confident and well prepared to work with young children.

High-Tech Connect

  • Technology links college classrooms to early childhood settings
  • Robotic cameras allow teachers to coach students in real-time
  • Onsite faculty guide students classroom experiences

A to B – Pathway to the Classroom

The “A to B” degree program gives MCC graduates an affordable pathway to a teaching degree in elementary education. After completing two years in early childhood education, they can continue their studies seamlessly.

Through an MCC-Creighton University partnership, students who qualify enter Creighton as full-fledged juniors. It’s a great option for students — ready for their own classrooms in just over two years!

Future Teacher Training, Creighton University graduate, Katie Norris, Laurie Galeski, faculty advisor

Katie Norris with her Creighton University advisor, Laurie Galeski. Katie is the first MCC graduate to complete the A to B partnership program.

Future Teacher Pipeline 2016-2019
73 Students
83% Employed in early childhood education
Source: 2019-2020 Annual Report
Future Teacher Training, Metropolitan Community College Early Childhood class in Learning Community Center of North Omaha


A Pathway to Teaching

It seemed too good to be true. As Katie Norris approached her MCC graduation, she wasn’t thinking beyond an associate’s degree in early childhood education. But then she heard about the A to B bachelor’s degree, a partnership between Metropolitan Community College and Creighton University. She could be in her own classroom in just two more years. But would she really have enough support to afford Crieghton? The answer was yes.

Committed to Children

Jean Hearn, is a Creighton University assistant professor in early childhood education. She sees a valuable opportunity for many students like Katie. “This helps prepare future teachers and leaders who are committed to giving children the best start possible.”

Student Teaching Opens Doors

Katie learned what it takes to be a great teacher from the best. Her student teaching experience took her to Millard Public Schools. Katie is now a second-year early childhood preschool teacher at Kellom Elementary in the Omaha Public Schools. It all started on a pathway from A to B.

“I wanted to teach where I could make the biggest difference.”

Katie Norris, program graduate
Early Childhood Teacher, OPS Kellom Elementary

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