In Partnership with Creighton University, Educare, Metropolitan Community College and Learning Community School Districts

Clinical Training for Classroom Success

The goal of the Future Teacher program is more early childhood teachers, better prepared for high poverty schools where they’re needed the most.

MCC student classrooms hosted in our community center provide an innovative student environment to share best practices. Classroom teachers and MCC faculty give students in-depth supervision.

The result for students is a more positive start to their careers in education and higher level skills to work effectively with young children in multi-cultural settings.

High-Tech Connect

  • Technology links college classrooms to early childhood settings
  • Robotic cameras allow teachers to coach students in real-time
  • Student- faculty observations guide student experiences

A to B – A Teaching Degree within Reach

Most MCC graduates with two-year early childhood degrees have job offers before they graduate, but some students want more.

A partnership between MCC and Creighton University is giving students a more cost-effective path to a teaching degree with an Early Childhood endorsement. Qualifying MCC early childhood students can enter Creighton as full-fledged juniors and be classroom ready in just over two years.

Kellom_MCC Student_A6Q8857

Classroom Confidence 83%

Source: 2016-2017 Annual Report


“My confidence has skyrocketed
and I know I can achieve my dream of
becoming a teacher.”

Katie Norris, program graduate
Early Childhood Teacher, OPS Kellom Elementary

Katie Norris completed her student teaching in the Millard School District. She gained valuable guidance from an experienced kindergarten teacher.

Katie's Teaching Dream Comes True

It seemed too good to be true. As Katie Norris approached her MCC graduation, she wasn’t thinking beyond an associates degree in  early childhood education. But then she heard about the A to B bachelors degree, a partnership between Metropolitan Community College and Creighton University. She could be in her own classroom in just two more years.

But would she really have enough support to afford Crieghton? The answer was yes. Katie shares her experience with other MCC students. “You will be held to high expectations, all of which your MCC education professors have prepared you for.”

Katie learned from the best about what it takes to be a great teacher. Her student teaching experience took her to Millard Public Schools. Within days of her Creighton graduation, she joined Bellevue Public Schools to teach summer school. Now, Katie is a first-year early childhood preschool teacher at Kellom Elementary in the Omaha Public Schools. It all started on a pathway from A to B.

“This pathway helps prepare future teachers and leaders who are committed to giving children the best start possible.”

Jean Hearn, Asst. Professor of Early Childhood Education
Creighton University

Katie Norris with her Creighton advisor and coach in the College of Professional Studies, Laurie Galeski. Katie is the first MCC graduate to complete the A to B partnership program.