Building Community

When school is out of session, year-round family-focused activities are a great learning opportunity. Parents and children enjoy field trips out in the community as well as “themed” learning days at the center. It’s a chance to practice and learn new things. The experience builds stronger bonds and a strong sense of community.


    College Preparation
    STEM Learning
    Prime Time Family Reading
    UNO Music Zoo
    String Sprouts
    Opera Omaha Family Day
    State Capitol Field Trip
    Family Summer Camp

College Starts Early

In our college planning workshops, families turn dreams of a college education into a plan. Through a partnership with the University of Nebraska Omaha(UNO) Service Learning Academy, families discover that college is within reach for children AND parents. In a series of weekly field trips to the UNO campus, families learn about college life, benefits of a college degree, process to apply and how to make college affordable.

“My children were amazed. I say those words because I saw their faces, their emotions, their happiness and willingness to further their education”
-College Prep parent
What's the value of a community garden? Healthy eating matters for learning at every age. Our Big Garden partnership is a family favorite that teaches important skills for home and school.

Community Connected

A trip to the state capitol, a museum tour, hands-on science experiments. Those are just some of the ways parents and children in our centers learn together. Thanks to a generous network of community partners, we’re always adding new opportunities for children and families.

Families learned about Nebraska history together to get ready for their field trip to the state capitol.

Interactive activities help children and families discover our community together. Parents really enjoy the opportunity to learn with their children, and practice new skills at the same time. By the time parents graduate from the program, they feel comfortable taking advantage of the many free, affordable and fun experiences that make Omaha a great place for families.