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2-Gen Family Outcomes

Family outcomes change for two-generations when parents join classes in our Learning Community Centers.  As you see in the chart below, South Omaha parents experienced dramatic changes in their day to day use of English. As a result, they are much more comfortable helping their children with academics and communicating with teachers in their local school.

WHY THIS MATTERS:  When parents actively engage in education, research shows children develop positive student behaviors, strong social skills, and higher levels of student achievement. 

Learning Community South

“I feel like it is a cycle, we are working on ourselves, so they can be successful in the future and they can do the same with their children.”
-Parent,Learning Community Ctr of South Omaha

2019-20 Learning Community Evaluation

Learning Community North

Supporting Student Achievement

Parents in Learning Community Centers have high aspirations for their children. In Parent University classes, families learn about how to support early childhood development. With information about the importance of parent-child relationships, parents have more tools to support their children through every stage of learning.

WHY THIS MATTERS:  Strong parent-child relationships support early childhood development and a child’s confidence in learning.

Parent University results, Bridges Out of Poverty Class
Parent University, 2019-20 Learning Community Evaluation

Parents made significant improvements in parenting strategies, relationships with their children, and lower parent stress.

100 percent, parents reading to children daily

Economic Opportunity

Parent University families choose from a number of courses focused on economic opportunity.  In a course called “Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World,” parents explore the relationships and liveable wage jobs within their reach. A year after graduation, parent surveys share positive changes for the whole family.


WHY THIS MATTERS: Research shows children gain academically when their families are financially secure.

Workforce Ready

We put together a workforce training program because parents in our community centers requested it. Read more in our Community Report.

WHY THIS MATTERS: Research shows workforce training improves family outcomes for two-generations. Typically, children do better in school when families build a more secure future.

  • Customer Service
  • National Career Readiness
  • Work Ethics Proficiency
  • Basic Computer Skills

Family Learning Parent Survey, 2018-19 Learning Community Evaluation