Superintendents' Early Childhood Plan

In Partnership with Buffett Early Childhood Institute and Learning Community school districts

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Challenging the Achievement Gap

The Superintendents’ Early Childhood Plan is more than a first in the state of Nebraska, it is truly a groundbreaking initiative. What makes it one of the most innovative efforts in the nation? Let’s start with eleven school districts, working together to reduce achievement gaps. As a  result, the Learning Community is on its way to a comprehensive and proven approach to early childhood education.

Connecting Families to Early Childhood Hub Sites

The Superintendents’ Early Childhood Plan is a  pioneering venture in the world of early childhood education. Why? It creates a sense of community for parents of young children, and well before kindergarten. At the center,  the elementary school becomes a hub, a point of connection for children and families. In all, there are ten school sites from six different districts. Each one offers quality early childhood education and helps families secure support services their children need.


Birth to Grade 3 Approach

School hub sites model high quality and comprehensive early childhood education. The goal is to meet the needs of children and families living in high poverty. That means weekly home visits, parent support and strong school-family partnerships.


Professional Development for All

This free series of institutes goes beyond typical school budgets. Districts and community partners learn together about research-based best practices in early childhood education. Sessions welcome school leaders, teachers and early childhood providers community-wide.


Customized Assistance

The Superintendents’ Plan builds on the strength of each individual school district in the Learning Community. As districts work to advance early childhood education and services, they can count on expert assistance tailored for local school communities.

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