Celebrating Student Achievement

One of our Parent University’families is celebrating an astounding example of student achievement. Shauntae Starks, Terrell Foster, and their blended family of seven are proud to share some great news. Their daughter Shyenne is headed for Brown University with a four-year full scholarship. Their second family, from Parent University, is cheering the good news right along with them.  How did it happen? From day one, Shyenne says her parents nurtured a love of learning. She describes her mom as “my biggest driving force to do my best.” Shyenne’s major in college will be mathematics – a passion she followed from elementary school to a college scholarship.

Shantae Starks & family, Learning Community Center of North Omaha
The Starks family joined Parent University because education was their top priority.
Terrell Foster, Parent University
Terrell and Shauntae became community leaders in Parent University.
Shyenne Starks, scholarship recipient
Through the Qwestbridge National College Match, Shyenne Starks received a full 4-year scholarship to attend Brown University. Recipients were selected from more than 18,500 students.

Families Win in Parent University

Shauntae and Terrell’s family joined Parent University in 2015. In fact, they were one of the original members when the Learning Community Center first opened. They had always been involved in their children’s education, but they discovered something new in Parent University – a sense of belonging and friendship in a close community. While they attended parent classes, Shyenne’s younger siblings jumped into early childhood activities. For every Parent University family, early learning is a focus area to build school readiness skills. By then, Shyenne was in middle school so she occupied her center time with homework. Shauntae says the experience was good for the entire family.


” The Learning Community helped us see, achieving your dreams is doable. That’s why education is so crucial in our household.  Through the courses I’ve taken at the center, I’ve learned to be more patient and how to advocate without overstepping.”
                    -Shauntae Starks, Parent University graduate



Just like their sister, the younger children are on a high-achieving path. They love learning and school too! Like most parents, Shauntae and Terrell have faced their share of challenges but they never felt alone. That’s why Shauntae encourages families in northeast Omaha to join Parent University and make the most of early learning and new opportunities.

Interested in Parent University? Call (402) 964-2405
“Shauntae and Terrell have been community leaders in Parent University, and role models for their children.  They are always learning and seeking out ways to enhance their children’s education.”
Tameshia Harris, Parent University Program Director
Tameshia Harris, Parent University Program Director

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