More Families Qualify for Free & Reduced-Price Lunch

An important part of the Learning Community mission is to help our community understand how a family’s financial security can connect to student proficiency. Nearly half the families in the metro area with school-age children experience challenges related to income and economic opportunity. Explore this data which shows the majority of Learning Community school districts work with children and families facing economic stress.

Source: Nebraska Department of Education. 


Who qualifies for FRL?

The formula for FRL comes is tied to the poverty line set every year by the U.S. Census Bureau. A family of three, for example, would qualify for Free Lunch with a household income below $28,236 or 130% of poverty. To qualify for a Reduced-Price Lunch, a family of three would qualify with a household income of $40,182, or 185% of poverty.

How is poverty measured?

The U.S. Census Bureau sets a yearly poverty threshold based on household income and family size. For a family of three, the 2020 poverty level is $21,720 or below.