Imani had faced the unimaginable. Homeless for the past year, she confronted not only her

own challenges but also the added weight of being a pregnant mother trying to provide for her

children. The instability was overwhelming.


Without a safe place to call home, Imani worked hard to provide her children’s basic needs as they struggled in school and yearned for a sense of security.


Desperate for change, Imani found Parent University, a program offered by The Learning Community Center of North Omaha. She hoped it would be a place that could offer the support she so desperately needed.


From the moment she joined, Parent University became her anchor. PU’S dedicated team connected Imani to crucial resources such as Rapid Rehousing, helping her secure a place to finally call home.


With newfound stability, Imani’s life began to transform. She welcomed a healthy new baby,

and her older children started to thrive in school. The sense of safety and security they had longed for

was now a reality. But this was just the beginning of Imani’s journey.


Determined to build a better future for her family, Imani immersed herself in PU’s programs.

She completed two FOUR? classes: Getting Ahead (a resources class to help people overcome poverty), Circle of Security, Mind in the Making, and Workforce Development. These classes equipped her with the skills and knowledge she needed to pave the way for future success.


Encouraged by her progress, PU helped Imani enroll at Metropolitan Community College to pursue her Certified Nursing Assistant license. This new pathway promised not just a job, but a

career that could provide long-term stability for her family.


Imani’s story is one of resilience and empowerment. With the support of Parent University, she

has not only stabilized her home and life but is on the road to becoming the best parent she can be. Her journey is a testament to the power of PU’s two-generation approach to supporting families, ensuring that both parents and children can thrive together.


The staff at Parent University is  honored to be a part of Imani’s journey and look forward to continuing to support her as she works toward a brighter, more secure future for herself and her children.


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