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Birth to Grade 3 Approach

The Superintendents’ Early Childhood Plan is the nation’s largest, most comprehensive initiative aimed at reducing income- and- race based achievement gaps among young children from birth through Grade 3.

Children made progress. Taken as a whole, gains in vocabulary and general academic skills were observed across preschool and K – Grade 1 children enrolled in the study.

16 percent more kindergarten and first grade students scored average or better over time, and 14 percent fewer students were in the lowest 20th percentile.

Quality of teacher-child instructional interactions increased. Teachers showed improvement across three categories measured by an assessment of the quality of teacher-child interactions supportive of children’s learning and development. PreK teachers made the greatest gains in providing instructional support.

Kindergarten through Grade 3 teachers made a 20 percent gain in the area of instructional support.

PreK teachers made the greatest gains in providing emotional support.

Families experienced high levels of support. Families reported positive experiences and collaborative relationships with teachers and schools.

62 percent of parents participating in birth – age 3 home visiting reported receiving high levels of social supports, and 53 percent said they receive high levels of practical supports to help families cope with stress.