Success Starts with Relationships

Educational navigators are coaches, friends, and teachers all in one. Our families trust navigators to help them solve problems or find a way to use new skills. That means helping parents set goals for the whole family.  Over the years, our parents have turned those goals into new opportunities for everyone.

Home Visits are One-on One

Navigators follow our families’ every step of the way. They understand every family is different. That’s why home visits are so important. Home is where parents often feel most comfortable sharing a concern or working on a new skill. With personal support, families turn new challenges into great family opportunities.

Problem Solving

Sometimes navigators learn that families are struggling with serious problems. That’s when navigators bring in family liaisons for extra support. Once parents and children are connected to affordable resources in our community, it’s much easier to make progress.  As always, the goal is to help families take positive steps forward with new goals for success.