Educare Center of Omaha Evaluation Report

December 01, 2013
This Educare Center of Omaha evaluation provides a foundation for Learning Community early childhood programs.  The report explores the impact of quality early learning. The Learning Community values expert advice from Educare to develop top quality early childhood preschool sites with Omaha Public Schools.

Report prepared by: Lisa St. Clair, Ed.D. and Megan Borer, M.S; 2012-2013

The Educare Early Childhood Model: Educare Omaha is part of the Educare Centers network.  What makes Educare different is its approach to give students in poverty the best chance for success in school and in life,  They do that by providing, the highest quality care and education from birth to age five. Educare’s program model is specifically designed to help at-risk students and their families overcome barriers to their success. The goal is for students receive to enter kindergarten ready to learn, and not lagging so far behind their more economically advantaged peers.

Early language and literacy skills, along with social-emotional-behavioral skills, lay the groundwork for academic success. Other areas for critical skill development include: self-confidence, a sense of curiosity, impulse control, empathy, the ability to engage with other students and teachers, hopefulness and resilience.

Educare is informed by multi-disciplinary research in early childhood education, health, developmental psychology, and social work. Program evaluation is ongoing to assess classroom quality and students progress.

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