Graduates Show Why 2-Gen Learning Works

Graduations Celebrate a Two-Generation Success Story

In North and South Omaha, families in both Learning Community Centers finally had the chance to celebrate graduation, each in their own two-generation style. What do these graduates share? Even though learning looked different over the last 18 months, parents and children followed their dreams. By phone, via zoom, or in outdoor classrooms wherever it worked, Learning Community teams and families stayed connected.


For Parent University graduates, 2-Gen learning fit in with real life. Over two to three years, parents set goals for their families to get ahead, building on their own strengths. The best part? Being part of a community of families, all working to achieve their dreams with personal support from the Parent University team.  The result: life-changing skills and abilities for, you guessed it, two generations.


Learning English (ESL)

Earning a GED

Grade-level reading

College planning

Connected to community resources

Engaged with local schools

Healthy & supported students

Family enjoys learning

Natalia & Charlotte, Parent University 2-Gen graduates
When Natalia left Russia with her family, she knew education would change their world. In Parent University, Natalia found a community where her entire family, including little Charlotte, would thrive.


Graduation celebrates two generations
Parent University graduates and children from Summer Academy celebrate their accomplishments.

In partnership with Project Harmony, Parent University at the Learning Community Center of North Omaha now welcomes families from most neighborhoods in northeast Omaha. Parents choose from free classes and support services. In addition to computers and printers, parents have access to a family resource center with lots of take-home tools to make learning fun.

Balbina, two-gen Parent University graduation
In Parent University, Balbina learned English while her grandchildren enjoyed early learning activities for school readiness.
Parent University celebrates 2-Gen graduation
The Parent University graduation dinner gave families a chance to celebrate their strength as a community.
Learning Community Center of South Omaha celebrates a 2-Gen graduation
Learning Community Center of South Omaha graduation night for parents and children, one hundred in all. Evaluations show the 2-Gen approach leads to opportunities in education and employment.


The Learning Community Center of South Omaha is where two-generation learning proved its way forward. In partnership with OneWorld Community Health Centers, the Learning Community 2-Gen model is tailored for parents and children in the local community. Families are thriving as we continue to make our 2-Gen programs even better. Most recently, workforce training classes show great promise in helping families achieve their goals for better jobs and financial security. As members of the Aspen Insitute Ascend Network, the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties takes every opportunity to promote two-generation learning. It’s efficient, effective and empowering.

Learning Community leadership at 2-Gen graduation
Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties leadership on Collin Field after participating in another successful graduation.


Young 2-Gen graduates

Higher student attendance

Higher student proficiency

School & Workforce Readiness

Social-emotional development

Qualified for college/career training

2-Gen graduation celebration, Learning Community Center of South Omaha
Parent graduates from the Learning Community Center of South Omaha joined the program to support their children in school and build a better life for the entire family.

About the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties
The Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties is an educational subdivision focused on outcomes and opportunities for children and families. It achieves impact through a collaborative network of metropolitan area school districts and community organizations. Independent evaluations demonstrate consistently strong results in early childhood education and family engagement. Recognized nationally for advancing a two-generation approach, the Learning Community creates opportunities to address the needs of children and families together. A 12-member Coordinating Council, elected by the public, guides policies to challenge the opportunity gap and strengthen our communities. Visit:

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