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Parent Education

Parent education in Learning Community Centers meets parents where they are. Parents choose from three important pathways to move forward with their children. Each one offers essential skills for supporting their children’s education and building a future for the whole family.


  • Learn/improve English
  • Earn  parent-friendly GED
  • Develop workforce-ready skills

We encourage parents to bring their young children along. Having children close by gives parents much appreciated peace of mind while they’re in class. Best of all, children are learning too! Our early childhood specialists focus on school readiness activities through preschool.


One of the best things a parent can do for a child, as well as themselves, is to learn or improve English language skills. In our community centers, classes include listening, speaking and writing in English. Most parents quickly gain the confidence to communicate with their child’s teachers. And over time, parents build strong partnerships with their local schools.

Parent Outcomes

  • Helps children with academics
  • Interacts in the community
  • Reads with children daily
  • Supports child learning routines at home
“I can understand English when I go to the doctor, the grocery store and at my children’s school. The English classes are helping me a lot.”
-Community Center parent
Adult and family education blend together for the Ortega family.
The Martinez Ortega family reads together often. Family Learning improves academics and builds strong relationships.
Ruth and family celebrate her GED, part of adult education at the Learning Community Center of South Omaha.
Ruth earned her GED at the Learning Community Center of South Omaha. A GED opens the door to new opportunities for the whole family.


Our parent-friendly GED classes give families access to an essential tool for building financial security. Daytime classes, during school hours, give parents the flexibility to support their school-age children. And with in-class support from an English language instructor, parents learn new computer skills and digital literacy basics as they progress through increasingly difficult GED course materials. In the end, research shows earning a GED is well worth the effort because the whole family wins.


  • Parent has a better understanding of child’s academic needs
  • Helps parents guide their children in college/career choices
  • Qualifies parent for workforce training opportunities
  • Opens doors to secure employment and a liveable wage

Ready for Work

Parents in our community centers told us they needed workforce training classes. Through our partnership with Metropolitan Community College, they earn nationally recognized certifications. The end goal for many parents is a career with a liveable wage. In fact, research shows children are more likely to succeed in school when their families are financially stable.


Applying Strengths
Communicating with Others
Using Technology

Learning Community graduate, Rosie Salazar is continuing adult education in workforce training.
After graduating from the Learning Community Center of South Omaha, Rosie enrolled in workforce training classes to build a better future for her family.
Adult education class, Learning Community Center of South Omaha.

Building Dreams

Rosie and her classmates are connected to schools and comfortable in the community. They signed up for workforce training because they want a more secure financial future. READ