Instructional Coaching

Classroom Outcomes Highlight Teamwork

While the pandemic imposed limits on classroom outcomes, this evaluation highlights the importance of teamwork.  Within many school communities across the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties, the demands of new technology and safety processes inspired even higher levels of collaboration among teachers, coaches and staff.


Teacher-Coaching Impacts Classrooms

Teachers valued coaching for its positive impact on classroom practices and felt program support extended to the school district level.  Unlike past years, when new teachers seemed to gain the most benefit, more than half the teachers surveyed had at least ten years of experience.


WHY THIS MATTERS: Coaching supports strong teacher practices that contribute to a quality elementary school classroom.  This is especially helpful when teachers introduce new strategies to improve student achievement.

Classroom Outcomes, District Initiatives

RESEARCH TELLS US: With support from a trusted coach, teachers are more likely to use a variety of classroom strategies to improve student achievement.

77% of teachers reported that their instruction improved due to coaching.

“…I would not be even close to the teacher I am today without her help. Our instructional coach is one of the few people in our building that I feel comfortable going to when I need help or advice in any content area.”