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Jump Start to Kindergarten

Student Outcomes Show Progress

Student outcomes for children in the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties show progress despite limits on in-person learning. Managing around COVID-19 safety requirements, teachers and staff in Learning Community Centers responded creatively to support children and families. The commitment to evaluate program impact remained strong.  Wherever needed, Learning Community teachers, staff and evaluators worked together to develop alternative measures. Thanks to their efforts, we better understand how children experienced learning during a year of change.


Progress in Social-Emotional Learning

Through the two-generation approach, children in Learning Community Centers in North and South Omaha increased social-emotional skills, approaching or exceeding the national average in all areas.


WHY THIS MATTERS: A child’s social-emotional development provides a foundation for learning from elementary school to the workforce. When young children develop positive relationships at home and in school, they feel more secure in learning and building relationships.

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Children improved social-emotional skills in all areas with the greatest gains in initiative.

RESEARCH TELLS US:  Two-generation programs increase education and employment opportunities for both children and parents.

child outcomes, social-emotional learning


Growth in
School Readiness

The majority of children scored in the average to above-average range of social-emotional measures, showing the greatest strength in self-control. Due to COVID-19 protocols, evaluations were limited to spring only.

WHY THIS MATTERS: A child’s social-emotional development is a strong indicator for successful learning. When children feel secure in managing their emotions, relationships and activities, they are more likely to become confident students.

The majority of children demonstrated social-emotional skills above the national average.


Jumpstart to Kindergarten Outcomes

Children gained an understanding of basic concepts for learning, as well as a valuable introduction to a school setting and routines.

WHY THIS MATTERS: Jumpstart to Kindergarten gives children a chance to learn basic concepts like shapes, sizes, colors, letters and numbers. In a matter of weeks, many children develop essential skills for learning. Without this opportunity, children may fall behind their peers.

Students significantly improved their school readiness skills.

RESEARCH TELLS US: Children from diverse cultures, who may also be learning English, can make tremendous progress in Jumpstart to Kindergarten. The experience is proven to positively impacts outcomes in academic subjects like math and reading, as well as extra-curricular activities like sports.