Family Engagement and Intensive Early Childhood Education

serving children and families from six elementary schools in partnership with Omaha Public Schools and Omaha Public Library

Parent University

Parent University is a comprehensive approach to family engagement based on best practices. Families support their child’s education by taking advantage of free courses organized in strands: Parenting, Life Skills and Wellness, School Success and Leadership.

89% Poverty
33% English language learners (ELL)
35% No high school or GED

Intensive Early Childhood Education

The teachers involved in Intensive Early Childhood Education work daily with teacher coaches to help preschool children make bigger gains in learning. An extra two weeks of professional development supports best practice strategies.

87% Poverty
17% English Language Learners (ELL)

Preschookers in partnership schools expanded ther vocabulary and school readines skills.

By spring, more than half the students demonstrated school readiness skills to move into the average range for student success.  


Parents demonstrated significant improvements in parenting strategies, relationships with their children and lower stress levels.

School Readiness Skills

WHAT IT MEASURES: key school readiness indicators

Parenting Skills Assessment

WHAT IT MEASURES: Impact measures for parent participants in Common Sense Parenting classes tailored for Parent University.