March 2017

Student success drives the new Community Achievement Plan for the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties. The plan aims for dramatic improvements with benefits for the entire Omaha metro region. The Nebraska State Board of Education unanimously approved the three-year plan today.

CAP_OverviewA large partnership group including all eleven school districts worked together to develop the Community Achievement Plan (CAP). David Patton, Learning Community Chief Executive Officer, said the plan is structured to address critical gaps which drive student success at every level of learning. “We’ve made significant progress by working together to improve student achievement over the last five years. The CAP supports a deeper focus to remove the barriers to student success.”

A birth to workforce approach calls for community-wide collaboration and new partnerships with the business, non-profit and higher education leaders across the Omaha metro region. “We want to recruit the best resources to ensure that our students graduate with the skills and choices they need to be successful,” said Dr. Kevin Riley, Gretna Public Schools Superintendent. “That’s good for our students and good for our community.”

Key priorities to drive  student success include: increased access to quality early childhood education, improved student attendance, expanded family engagement and a focus on career and college readiness. The four centers for plan implementation and outcomes are the Superintendents’ Early Childhood Plan, Learning Community Centers in North and South Omaha, GOALS Center and the developing Collective Impact Plan from the Metro Omaha Education Consortium (MOEC).

Initial Community Achievement Plan stakeholders are the eleven Learning Community school districts, Nebraska Department of Education, MOEC, ESU #3, ESU #19 and the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties.