Encouraging parents to make a difference in their child’s education

A new story for families

Learning Community Center of North Omaha opens

North Omaha families celebrate with Early Childhood Specialist Nicole Looper, Coordinating Council Chair Lorraine Chang, Subcouncil 2 member Kris Carter, MCC President Randy Schmailzl, Educare Early Childhood Site Director Kathy Paradies, Omaha Chamber President David Brown, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert, OPS Superintendent Mark Evans, & Learning Community CEO Ted Stilwill.

Why we're here. We believe in families! We're engaging them and demonstrating new ways for teachers and childcare providers to help kids succeed in school. Our center is a home for early childhood education. We're excited our interactive environment and college classrooms will help future teachers be better prepared to help kids from poverty. Our new center is here to make a difference. READ

Reading with the Acosta family

Family Learning classes at the Learning Community Center of South Omaha give 4-year-old Alan a much better chance to succeed in school. READ

Our programs work

The latest results show most Learning Community programs succeeding. It’s the fourth consecutive year of successful results. READ

Council Meeting

You're always welcome at council meetings, now at the Learning Community Center of North Omaha. Our next meeting is March 19.  CALENDAR

Open Enrollment Key Dates

March 15
Deadline to apply
April 5
Districts notify families
April 25 
Last day to accept 

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Getting Results

Our latest program evaluations show that taxpayers are getting a strong return on their investment.