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Early Learning Progress 

Superintendents' plan launches

The Superintendents' Early Childhood Plan supported by the Learning Community launches this spring! This first of its kind plan in Nebraska is supported by all 11 school superintendents. The Buffett Early Childhood Institute guides this initiative to challenge the achievement gap. READ

Why we're here. We're here to learn together and demonstrate new ways for families, teachers and childcare providers to help kids succeed in school. Our North Omaha center is a home for early childhood education. We're excited to see the interactive environment and college classrooms help future teachers prepare to help kids from poverty.

A new story for North Omaha families

The Learning Community Center of North Omaha is here to make a difference for children and families. READ

Family Learning Works

Family Learning classes in  the Learning Community Center of South Omaha are now in their third successful year. Evaluations confirm significant impact. Hear parents share their experience to help  their children succeed in school.

Council Meeting

You're always welcome at council meetings, now at the Learning Community Center of North Omaha. Our next meeting is April 16.  CALENDAR

Workforce Impact

When poverty threatens student achievement, it also threatens our local economy. We're helping students succeed in school. MORE

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Getting Results

Our latest program evaluations show that taxpayers are getting a strong return on their investment.