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Early Childhood Partnership

Connecting childcare to kindergarten

Families, teachers, paraprofessionals, family support workers and now childcare providers are working to help kids in the Early Childhood Partnership. Tammy Taylor is excited to be part of the new childcare training program in North Omaha. Like other directors in the program, she cares about kids and wants to learn everything she can to make sure they succeed in elementary school. The program, supported by the Learning Community, is already making a difference. READ

Early childhood leadership

When they need guidance on early childhood education, Learning Community superintendents turn to Dr. Samuel J. Meisels of the Buffett Early Childhood Institute. READ

Coaches aim for gains

Just as athletes benefit from coaching, teachers welcome expert help to improve in their Early Childhood Partnership classroom. READ

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Early Childhood Research

Browse through helpful early childhood research for a better understanding of why it matter so much for children in poverty. MORE

Getting Results

Our latest program evaluations show that taxpayers are getting a strong return on their investment.